The story behind the music in I SEE YOU...

Back in 2010 I watched a film that had a strong impact on me. One of the many things I loved about it was the Music. So the first thing I did when I got home was download the Soundtrack. 

Five years later I am making a short film about human connection for Kovert Designs and am thinking about what Music to use. So I remember that theme song from years ago and put it over the video. Works perfectly but obviously we can‘t use it because we don‘t have the rights. A day later Kovert‘s CEO, Kate Unsworth, calls me and tells me she has a great guy from LA who is interested in scoring our film. She sends me the link. It is Dave Palmer, the composer who made the soundtrack for the film I admired years ago.

The film is called "Beginners". It is personal, funny and full of heart - just the way films are supposed to be. Here is the Trailer: